The Paw Spa Grooming Rehabilitation Package

​Has your dog been excused from a grooming salon for behavioural problems? My rehabilitation package might just be what you've been looking for, for you and your dog!

I have a lot of experience working with dogs who have various "behavioral issues" when it comes to grooming and have had a lot of success in gaining enough of their trust to allow me to groom them safely and in many cases teach them to enjoy it again!

I start every case with an initial $75 evaluation. During this evaluation I speak with the owner to get a little bit of verbal history on the dog and his/her past experiences, and then put the dog through a series of hands on grooming tests to get a feel for myself on what the issues are, the severity of them and whether or not I feel I would be able to rehabilitate your dog.

If we pass this stage and I continue to see your pooch, a price will be quoted to you within 24 hours of the evaluation. The price depends on the difficulty of the groom and length of time it takes me to groom your dog safely.

For more information on this package please call or email me. I look forward to working with you and your dog, it's a team effort when it comes to rehabilitating your dog :)

Located in Rockland, ON |  Tel. 613.867.7069email.​

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